Proudly providing landscaping and lawn care maintenance services to Western New York


Keeping the appearance and health of your lawn requires time, dedication and attention.

Not everyone has the time or patience to maintain their lawn properly to keep it looking fresh, crisp, clean and healthy. At Kimble Curb Appeal, LLC we understand that taking care of your lawn can be a time consuming task. When your lawn is getting too high or you find yourself overwhelmed with the constant week-in and week-out task and unable to keep up with the lawn growth, sit back and relax. Let us take care of it for you so you can take that task off your plate.

Our Lawn Care Maintenance Services will keep your lawn in tip-top shape. We operate professional grade equipment with sharpened blades and maintain our equipment to the highest standards. Our customers benefit from our attention to detail.

Lawn Care Maintenance is the foundation of a healthy yard. It has to be done at the right height and the right frequencies to keep your lawn healthy. Beginning in April and ending in November, we will maintain the proper height for your lawn at 3"-3.5" with approximately 26-28 cuts through the season.

The frequency of mowing will vary according to the weather and property conditions. We generally follow the following schedule:

  • April thru May - Weekly Mowings
  • July thru August - 2-3 Mowings Per Month
  • September thru November - Weekly Mowings


Kimble Curb Appeal, LLC Lawn Care Maintenance Service includes the following performed each visit:


All lawn areas will be mowed on an average of every (7) days during the growing season from April through November weather permitting. We alternate mowing patterns to help prevent your lawn from developing ruts and increase the health of your lawn.

Height of lawn to be determined by species & local conditions during the growing season. Mowing height may be adjusted upon request, or at vendors discretion based on lawn health.  During rainy or extended dry periods, mowing frequency to be adjusted by vendor to ensure health of lawn/grounds & prevent damage, loss, etc.


In conjunction with each mowing service trimming around all areas not accessible to our mowers will be done. This includes all trees, flower beds, fence lines, walls, walkways, buildings, structures, and other obstacles within the property area shall be performed to maintain a sharp and clean appearance.


Edging of all concrete hard surfaces will be performed each week. This includes walkways, curb lines and driveways. The only surface we cannot edge is blacktop and some paver stones as they are more brittle than concrete leaving them susceptible to damage. Most companies charge extra for this service. We on the other hand feel it should be part of the every week maintenance service and include it in the price of our Lawn Care Maintenance Service.


All driveways, walkways, decks, porches and curbs will be blown clean of grass clippings, dust, dirt and debris.

We pride ourselves on offering the best customer service, quality and reliability. We assure you will receive the highest level of service and look forward to exceeding your expectations.