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We offer a full property fall cleanup service and will remove all yard debris such as branches and leaves from your lawn and landscape. This service is an excellent way to prepare your lawn and property for our cold Western New York winter months. Let us do the cleanup while you relax!



Kimble Curb Appeal, LLC Fall Cleanup Services include the following:


Leaf Removal can be a large task for property owners. Leaves fall from trees located on your property, as well as adjacent properties. An abundance of leaves left on your lawn or can restrict sunlight and important nutrients from reach the lawn resulting in mold, fungus, disease, insects and overall discoloration.

Removal of fall foliage, small sticks and limbs, dead or decaying wood and shrubs is an important lawn maintenance task.


Maintaining small trees, shrubs and flowering bushes on your property can be a time consuming task but regular pruning and trimming is important to the overall health and beauty of these plants.

Properly maintaining trees and shrubs on a regular basis, removing dead or diseased branches or limbs will protect their health, preserve their beauty, and protect structures and other plantings from future damage, pests and disease.


Rid the beds of any seasonal accumulation, remove annuals from flower beds, remove any lingering weeds, prepare bed for the winter season.


  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Lawn Aeration

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